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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Nick Demas Jr. who was born in Wyoming on Nov 09, 1940 and passed away on March 12, 2004 at the age of 63. We will remember him forever and ever. He was a very good father and a hard working man. Everyone that visits this site are welcomed to lite a candle for him and can write in the tributes&condolences for him. Thank You and apreciate you taking the time to visit my dads memerial site I created.. 

 Nick Demas Jr. was one of a kind and would do anything for people. He married Teri Velikaneye in the late 50's and they were a team and hard work was always in their plans. They raised three children, Tammy, Nick III and Lori and taught us not to be afraid of work and learn it. Always working the both of them seem to manage the family well and we had the normal life living with dinner everynight at 6pm and dont be late. I miss them dinners.. My dad  started his career working as a garbage man in San Francisco and then we moved back to Wyoming. There he started his own Business Demas Truck Repair as a diesel mechanic. For many years he did that and carpentry on the side. Then they bought a rock-n-roll bar called DJ"S and really loved it around all the people they met and became friends with.Lots of hard work and long hours and finally after a decade they sold it and he continued working construction working by himself. He could build a house by himself and did more than once. He worked until he couldnt work anymore from the Cancer. He had his ways and only his way he would do. One of a kind. I'm sure he is in heaven remodeling or trying to give orders up there..
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Sending love   / Tracy Junker (Neice)
Thinking about you this morning sending good thoughts and love to heaven. Your passing reminds me how short life is and how special everyday here really is. We should make the time to let the ones we love know how much they mean to us and h...  Continue >>
Thinking of You...   / Pegi Adams (niece)
Dearest Uncle Nick, When I think of you, and all we've been through. As the days go by, so does the pain. But at times, it feels I'm falling like rain. I wish sometimes this was all a big lie. I'll love you Dear Uncle until the day I die. ...  Continue >>
little brother   / Jeri Clark (sister)
I remember one time when we were young and I was washing dishes and you kept poking me with your finger and hiding. I had enough so I threw you down and rolled you up in the kitchen rug. Then I threw you off the porch into the yard. You still teased ...  Continue >>
Favorite Uncle   / Beccie Small (niece)
Uncle Nick, you teased me my whole life. The last time I saw you and we went to lunch, being as sick as you were, you still stuck your finger in my soup and gave me a noogie on the head...I miss that.
So sorry for the loss of your wonderful father. I lost my only son this past year, he was only 9 yrs old and died as a result of an ATV accident. So if you have any children please be careful about these things many children have already died.
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Companion / Elmer Dimick (Cousin/Brother)    Read >>
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I miss you Grandpa  / Lacey Demas (grandaughter)    Read >>
Uncle Nick, you will always be missed.  / Rick Kessner (nephew)    Read >>
A very loved Grandpa  / Alexis Demas (Granddaughter)    Read >>
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My Hero  

Nick Demas was a wonderful father and a sons best friend too. He was a jack of all trades and could do anything he set his mind on. He left us way to soon and we never ever thought a thing could happen to him for he was healthy all his life and and strong as a bull til the day he died. He raised three children with my mom Teri and I believe they done a great job at it for we never knew what it was like to go without and always got what we asked for and then some.My dad  had his own way of doing things and no-one could change it, his way or no way was his  game and most of the time he was the boss..My mom spoiled him just like us kids and he expected it and for all them years it was done like clock work with the same time dinner every nite and don't be late..I miss them dinners. 1/28/2005
  My dad was the greatest man ever and left us way too soon..He has left us and things will never be the same without him//Very dearly missed and  mom and I are still waiting for you to come back..But we no we will be coming your way in the future so you and David make room.

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