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Uncle Nick, you will always be missed.  / Rick Kessner (nephew)  Read >>
Uncle Nick, you will always be missed.  / Rick Kessner (nephew)

Uncle Nick, you will always be missed. You were always like the father that I never had. When I needed someone to talk to, you listened; when I needed advise, your words and wisdom helped me make decisions; when I needed somebody to be stern and hard on me, you did it with love and goodness in your heart. When people gave up on me, you had confidence and gave me encouragement to look at life in a differant perspective. Your love and compassion will always be remembered. God Bless!!!!

A very loved Grandpa  / Alexis Demas (Granddaughter)  Read >>
A very loved Grandpa  / Alexis Demas (Granddaughter)
Grandpa, I miss and love you so much...I can't even say enough words!! There is so much I wish I could of done with you! But I missed out!! I can't wait to get to heaven to be with you again!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!~~~LeXi ~~ Close
good buddy!  / Michael Krowski (good buddy )  Read >>
good buddy!  / Michael Krowski (good buddy )

mr. demas you were, like another father to me!! and always one best friend!! that i looked up to!!! will miss you always!!
and someday meet up again!!! take care always, michael krowski

Remembering a friend  / Roger McCarty (friend)  Read >>
Remembering a friend  / Roger McCarty (friend)
     As a tear comes to my eyes, i remember the friendship and fun we shared while you walked among us.  The jokes and the teasing got us both through a few close calls.  I had the rare honor of being true friends with both Nicks (The father and The Son).  God Bless the family with the knowledge that we will all be together one day to enter into an eternity of peace, love, and true companionship with our Lord Jesus.  Close
My Dad  / Tammy Swenson (Dad)  Read >>
My Dad  / Tammy Swenson (Dad)
My Dad was the strongest man I ever knew. As a child I was always fasinated by his huge strong hands. You always were there to fix things, when my toilet backed up when I had a flat tire stranded out north in my camper you found me. You could always fix everything, you were my hero.  My fondest memories are fishing the creek with you at Lewie Lake. You and I would catch our limit and more, we had fun gutting out our fish too. I remember when you gave me a kiss once and you had a fish head in your mouth. I loved swimming and camping at Granite Hot Springs & Astoria with our family, you always tried to be a shark attacking at our feet under water.  I'll always remember making you a 3 layered peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a snack and my ice cream partner.
It was hard to see my strong dad so very weak at the end of your life. You put up a strong battle with your cancer. It was a blessing to be with you at your last breaths of life. Dad take care of my David. I can imagine the two of you remodeling heaven.  I see your black truck around town, and my heart stops for a moment, looking for you, but your not there.........Little girls need their daddy's, but big girls do too. Miss and Love you dad. Love, your 1st born, Love your daughter Tammy.   OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Close
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