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Nick Demas was a wonderful father and a sons best friend too. He was a jack of all trades and could do anything he set his mind on. He left us way to soon and we never ever thought a thing could happen to him for he was healthy all his life and and strong as a bull til the day he died. He raised three children with my mom Teri and I believe they done a great job at it for we never knew what it was like to go without and always got what we asked for and then some.My dad  had his own way of doing things and no-one could change it, his way or no way was his  game and most of the time he was the boss..My mom spoiled him just like us kids and he expected it and for all them years it was done like clock work with the same time dinner every nite and don't be late..I miss them dinners. 1/28/2005
  My dad was the greatest man ever and left us way too soon..He has left us and things will never be the same without him//Very dearly missed and  mom and I are still waiting for you to come back..But we no we will be coming your way in the future so you and David make room.

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